Seeking opinions of diabetic self-trackers for non-profit project


I’m a Quantified Selfer (calories and activity) myself, but have just started working for a diabetes charity, and I’d love to get some feedback from diabetic QS-ers. The charity is considering how it can support digital health tracking for people with diabetes.

If anyone has any thoughts on the questions below, please send me a personal message! We are also considering conducting paid interviews if people are keen to get involved further.

What will happen to health tracking now that Apple and Google are in the game?

If medical and tech companies are developing health tracking solutions, do you think there’s any role for charities or non-profits?

Would you prefer to use something created by a charity? Would you trust them more with your data than, say, Google?

What are the most recent innovations in diabetes tracking?

What kind of tools do you wish existed, but don’t?



One common complaint is that most glucose monitors make it difficult to get hold of the data, e.g. for doing your own analysis; advocating for better access to data (or even standards) could be a good role for a non-profit.

Oh yes, that’s a good point! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Katie - you know the #wearenotwaiting hashtag already, probably, but it’s how I get great inspiration from people with diabetes who are using data for self-care.