Self-monitoring personal data for exam research paper

Hi to you all,

I am writing an exam research paper about mHealth and the Quantified-Self movement entitled “Data in the city” for my MSc in Digital Innovation and Management at the IT University from Copenhagen.

Me and my team did not manage to contact true “quantified-self-ers" here in Copenhagen and this is why we are trying to contact people from other cities who would be interested in anonymously sharing their self-monitoring data for our research. We are aware of the worries you may have around the data privacy topic, and as far as this is concerned, we can tell you how we plan to use it: the raw data will be processed and visualised before being added to our academic research paper, and this paper will only be read by our teachers.

Best regards,

Hi Andrea - happy to share, I have 3+ years of data on VO2Max & body comp + activity. e-mail :