Self-tracking and analysis for IBD


I have just discovered this forum/page and was very excited when I saw what it was all about. I am diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and were wondering if anyone in here had any experience with self-tracking in order to better manage the illness?

I want to start track and analyse as much as I can about myself to better understand how different things affect the illness.




I just came across your message. I’ve been through the whole IBD/UC process myself, unfortunately not with a good outcome. However, I’ve participated in a few studies for new medication and doctors were happy with the data I brought:

  • stool frequency per day (+ bristol stool scale)
  • blood frequency (intensity is of lesser value, but also noted)
  • medication taken
  • other symptoms (which can relate to changes in medication) were also noted.

This will help you visualise an evolution (and see if the medication has any effect).

I used a simple notepad on my iphone to note date, time, etc. with separators to import them in excel. I now use Field Notes app to note events more easily (as I have to note diet, medication, sleep, etc).

Hope everything turns out well.

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Some people have had some similar experiences - Ari Meisel basically cured himself from Crohns and talked about it at one of the QS events:

He has a few other great interviews, podcasts, blog posts etc online if you search for his name.

Just in general though - I’ve had IBS all my life & pretty much cured it by going on the ‘ultra mind solution’ diet. Great book if you can check it out. May not be relevant for your own case, but hope you can get something out of it.

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