Self-tracking covid-19

A short time ago I got sick with Covid19, fortunately everything went well, I have my vaccinations up to date. The fact is that I measured several parameters in an Excel spreadsheet and I have all the parameters of a Garmin watch.
What I want is to see if that data can be of interest (I don’t know) so I’m doing a systematic review to see if that data has value so far I’m using the keywords: quantified-self, Self-tracking, Self-experiment, N-of-1 methods, Quantified Self, Personal Science, personal tracking, covid19, covid-19, Symptoms.
Would you add any additional keywords, any additional recommendations?

I would be very interested in the before, during, and after differences. Perhaps we could write a case study. Marc - University of Marburg - Medical Psychology

I just tested positive yesterday on a rapid home test but have mild symptoms and got two Moderna shots so far. There was some changes in my Fitbit Alta HR data that I can post when I am feeling better, most notably a drop in my HRV and sleep hours and increase in my sleep breathing rate.

I haven’t really been tracking my SpO2 but my breathing and temp have been good so far.

I have heard a few anecdotal stories about serious problems with the vaccines (one was rejection of a transplanted kidney another was asthmatic symptoms) but for myself I am very happy I got the vaccines especially since I am in a very high risk group from medical conditions.

Did you keep note of when you first noticed symptoms? I’m curious if your Garmin watch detected anything before you did.

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis and glad symptoms are light. You might add some physiological keywords: HRV, heart rate, sleep, etc.

Hi Did you notice any change in HRV when you got vaccinated?
I didn’t detect any changes myself, but I have a wide variation in measured value from day to day.

That’s my idea, but these weeks I’ve been writing other things for my doctoral research, I’ll try to pick this up again during this week. let’s see if I can get the first draft.

Indeed, I see that the mild symptoms of the vaccinated support the massive research carried out by laboratories.
When you have the results we compare them with Moderna,ok?

Yes, some symptoms, but the previous stages will be given to me by the garmin watch. we’ll see when you analyze the data.

Great!, good idea, thank you.

I slept 10 hours last night and feel much better now. I will probably retest in about a week.

My HRV took a dip on Friday night but recovered pretty quickly. Overall the symptoms were much less intense than when I got the two Moderna shots which each raised my temp over 100.

My SpO2 has been in the 96-98% range

I am glad I had been working on optimizing my sleep for the previous month and improved my monthly average from 6 hours to 7 hours a night.