Self-tracking covid-19

A short time ago I got sick with Covid19, fortunately everything went well, I have my vaccinations up to date. The fact is that I measured several parameters in an Excel spreadsheet and I have all the parameters of a Garmin watch.
What I want is to see if that data can be of interest (I don’t know) so I’m doing a systematic review to see if that data has value so far I’m using the keywords: quantified-self, Self-tracking, Self-experiment, N-of-1 methods, Quantified Self, Personal Science, personal tracking, covid19, covid-19, Symptoms.
Would you add any additional keywords, any additional recommendations?

I would be very interested in the before, during, and after differences. Perhaps we could write a case study. Marc - University of Marburg - Medical Psychology

I just tested positive yesterday on a rapid home test but have mild symptoms and got two Moderna shots so far. There was some changes in my Fitbit Alta HR data that I can post when I am feeling better, most notably a drop in my HRV and sleep hours and increase in my sleep breathing rate.

I haven’t really been tracking my SpO2 but my breathing and temp have been good so far.

I have heard a few anecdotal stories about serious problems with the vaccines (one was rejection of a transplanted kidney another was asthmatic symptoms) but for myself I am very happy I got the vaccines especially since I am in a very high risk group from medical conditions.