Self Tracking Digital Presence

Screen time for U.S. adults has significantly increased in recent years, with estimates suggesting an average of around seven hours per day. As more of our lives are spent online, we are constantly being influenced by external players in ways that were inconceivable just a few decades ago.

This was never a fair fight. On a daily basis, we are pinned against ever improving and increasingly informed A.I. agents with the main objective of increasing their control of our attention.

With this in mind, I became interested in tracking my own digital presence. I came across this company and contributed to an open source version rem. These tools continuously take screenshots on Mac and more recently Microsoft announced their own version built into Windows, recall.

However, a large percentage of my digital presence (especially A.I. driven) is on my phone. To fill in this gap, I recently created hindsight. Hindsight is an android app that takes a screenshot every 2 seconds and stores it locally. It also has functionality to upload the screenshots to a personal server.

This app is extremely alpha (and I’ve never built an app before), so open to any and all feedback / support!

P.S. currently testing the battery usage of the app, but it seems to be around 4% for my Pixel8

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