Self tracking for primary care and prevention

Hi everyone,
I am excited to discover the depth of these forums here on Extremely relevant stuff - I’ve found a new home! I have been doing self-tracking for a couple of years now.

As a primary care internal medicine physician, I have also been tracking some of the published research in this space. I am interested in bringing self-tracking to my patients, to benefit their chronic diseases or to prevent such diseases. I am even building my own tool ( which is now a general purpose tracker (“quantify yourself, improve anything”). I intend to customize this tool for primary care & prevention, and for health research.

I am conscious that there are many new and emerging tools in this “mHealth” space. If anyone can recommend any in particular, I would be grateful. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Looks interesting! How does this tool compare to e.g., which also lets patients record health-related data?

Eric, Mymee looks clean and useful. I cannot tell from the website how Mymee works - can users create their own accounts? Can you create custom things to track? Beyobe is free to use, allows users to create their own questions/tags to track, optionally share these. So with Beyobe you can track anything form hugs to flossing to whatever.

Hi Dave! Your beyobe link didn’t work for me.

I recommend HandsDown for preventing infections for you and your patients, especially those who are immunocompromised.
Let me know if your interested, I can get you a sample device.