Senior Embedded Software Engineer - GreenGoose

Hello All - We’re looking to add a core member to our embedded software team.

You’ll be creating new sensors from the ground up and will likely see your name on a few of our patents in short order.

Read a bit about us in the July issue of Wired. Full job description and application instructions below.


(San Francisco or Palo Alto)

We’re looking for a Senior Embedded Software Engineer looking to join up with an early stage company and help build out some new sensor technology. You’d be taking on some low-level C code and breaking new ground with behavior detection algorithms that measure how we interact with objects.

About Us

We make little wireless sensors – stickers, like those puffy stickers you might have played with as a kid. They stick on things and track activities like getting exercise, playing with toys, walking the dog, playing with your pets, going for a hike, riding your bike, brushing your teeth, flossing, drinking water, taking your vitamins; lots more.

We’re creating a place where people can go to play lifestyle apps and games around doing everyday things. It’s also a sensor platform for developers and large strategic partners we’ve started to engage. We’re up and running with several patents filed, running private beta trials, and are about to release our first batch of public sensors into the wild. We’ve also just raised a good chunk of money from notable angels and VC’s and we’re looking for early partners – you.

**About Your Role **

[]Serve as a core member of our hardware team developing bleeding edge sensor technologies.
]Create new algorithms that capture the interaction between humans and object.
[]Directly influence the direction of our core architecture. We’re a startup, and you’ll be an early member of our team.
]We have three patents pending and want your name on many more.
[*]Full-time (sorry, we’re not looking for contractors at this time)

We’re firm believers in providing our engineers full ownership of projects. When a sensor is launched into the wild, it will be yours, from concept through testing and launch.

About You


[]EE degree or CS with a lot of familiarity with embedded hardware (EE/CompE/CS BS/MS)
]5-7 years experience
[]Expert, low-level C programmer
]Your code is lightweight, absolutely tight, and you think in B’s not KB’s
[]You love algorithms and state machines
]You write elegant software solutions to difficult hardware problems
[*]Experience with previous product launches, particularly in consumer products

Extra Credit

[]Comfortable with Linux and can go deep on processes, threads, and help with server-side backend
]Some experience with TCP/IP networking, BSD sockets, or data infrastructure
[]Knowledge of low-power circuit design
]Familiarity with sub 1 GHz wireless chipsets
[*]Consumer products experience

We’re looking for someone that wants to get out from the grind and apply their talents to something revolutionary. The Internet of Things isn’t about the things…it’s about PEOPLE and our interaction with everyday things. If you want to help us make that a reality, we’d love to talk.

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