Setting NYE Goals? Use this personal dashboard to track them! (Open Source)

Hi everyone, I built a real-time personal dashboard web application which displays on a tv monitor connected to a raspberry pi. The dashboard gives me real-time feedback on how I’m progressing on my current goals (steps, focus time, and unproductivity), along with some nice visualizations that I use during my end of week reviews.

I’ve decided to open source the project, you can either choose to host it locally or on heroku - I included instructions on both methods. I’m pretty happy with the functionality so far, but in the future when I have some time I may build in email/slack functionality, credit card charging (i.e. if you don’t hit your daily goals charge $5), and some Machine Learning related to scheduling/goal setting. Feel free to build upon what I’ve done, happy to accept pull requests as well!


This is so cool! thanks for sharing, andreilys!