Share daily speech/language tracking tool?


Does anyone want to share / rent a very cool wearble personal speech
analysis tool?

I want to buy the LENA device it is a very cool 24-7 wearable language
tracking and analysis system. It’s a big data / QS persons dream!
(See,, etc)

Trying to guage level of interest is anyone like to share it with me?
Or rent it from me?

LENA is primary intended for analyzing child development. However, there are a variety of reasons I believe it can be useful for adults as well as children. John Hanson has been known to wear it for his own personal use. He is a prof at UT Dallas and I’ve met him (while he was wearing the device) at the LENA conference. I can explain the technical details if there is interest.

I want the researcher version (not the dumbed down parent version).
This device can help track my one-year old daughter’s upcoming
language explosion. As I said it can also track adult language with
some caveats.

It is also quite expensive. About $1800 for 1 year. $8000 perpetual

I am considering buying the device for one year and renting it out to
people in the QS community.

In sum, I really want to use the LENA device to quantify my daughter’s
language development and to track my own lanugage. Does anyone want
to share such or rent such a device?



p.s. ROUGHLY SPEAKING TECHNCIAL DETAILS: for each one of an unlimited
number of accounts, it is tuned to a particular child and can
distinguish that child from other child, male adult, female adult,
background noise). It tracks language on a variety of dimensions,
e.g. number of conversational turns by speaker type, number of words
spoke by speaker type and more. It automatically segments speech by
speaker type. There are a growing number of academic users who are
writing papers. A Stanford researcher made headlines in the last 3-6
months as I recall.

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Hi Bill, I wonder if you were able to procure the LENA product and what you make of it.

Are there any other similar products you may have come across since?


I’ve been interested in the LENA for a long time also, I hope Bill replies - if he doesn’t I’ll ping him via other channels.

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Thanks Gary for the message. Would be interested to know if you have come across any other speech tracking tools out there? I am currently working on a project in the voice tech field and would be of great help. :slight_smile: