Show & Tell: My 2016 Annual Personal Report

Hey all, for the 9th year, I’ve released an annual personal report filled with QS data. I thought you might like it if you like design-y QS things. The whole thing is Economist themed!

Read the 16 page report here: The Year 2016 (online pdf)


I love the Economist theme!

Nice, but if you want to go with the Economist theme, you need more bad puns :wink:

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Very cool. I have a similarly lighthearted report on my blog, minus the hilarious theme and outstanding design sensibility.

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I loved this. Would you object to a random internet stranger signing up for the delivery? I’m guessing these are a bit expensive to print.

I’ve found unrestricted trade alliances with Whole Foods to be risky, consuming ever-increasing portions of GDP.

We have found imposing a once-a-week limit on Whole Foods trade has helped quite a bit with a very real problem.

Go ahead & sign up for delivery! Many internet strangers get copies. Someday I’ll learn to ask for money, but for now I just budget to spend a hundred bucks on sending copies around the world twice a year.

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That’s really rad! I like your report!