Simple and subtle counter

I’m looking for a counter that simply stores the number of times it’s pressed in order to track lapses in my concentration during different activities. It would be great if it were a ring, but a wristband or watch would also work. I don’t mind manually recording the time and activity details afterwards into another tool/notebook, but I just need a quick way to track when I lose concentration.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Get a mechanical counter. The type used by gatekeepers to measure attendance. You press it with your thumb.

Thank you for the suggestion. Though I’ll have to use that if necessary, I was hoping someone would be familiar with a more subtle and convenient gadget.

any recs on best mechanical counter brands? I imagine they are pretty straightforward, but even traditional pedometers can vary on their reliability and sensitivity. A quick glance at Amazon shows a lot of price variation but overall positive reviews.

I’ve found quite a number of digital tally counters at Amazon. See for example: and An alternative approach could be to use tally counter smartphone apps.