Simple Voice Calorie Counter for Android

It’s not perfect yet, but I streamlined my Voice Calorie Counter for Android phones that I wrote in rfo-basic.

I cut out a lot of features from the free version to focus on launch speed. I am pleased that I got the apk file down to 399kB

I am not sure the keyboard UTF-8 icon will work on non-Samsung phones but I wanted to use UTF’s instead of PNGs to speed load time.

I didn’t want to charge money for it, but I figured I should give my brother-in-law some pocket change for helping me a lot with debugging my early attempts.

The food diary data is stored in a single table in a SQLITE database so you can probably also use this app for logging all sorts of stuff with your voice.

I am still leaving the more bloated and slower one available for free so people can try it to see if they like it. It is kind of odd that I am charging more for fewer features.

The free (slower) one is still here:


I’ve installed the paid version of the app. Interested to see how you have implemented this as I’m still working on BadgerMe which is a voice based ‘tracking’ / ‘logging’ service and I have been trying to work out how to do something so free form as calories/food tracking.

I’ll let you know how things go – my main problem is always the actual logging of calories as it’s not automated - I need to actually trigger the logging. (hence the BadgerMe thing again :slight_smile: )

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Thanks! My language parsing isn’t too sophisticated… I look for the keywords “calories” or “points” if they exist and extract out any numbers from the string. I check for “plus” to separate food items. I also try to match google speech entries that it’s logged already.

So far the best language parsing I have seen implemented is Track by nutritionix. They even interface with Amazon’s Alexa (though I haven’t tried it yet).

The nice thing about my app is that it is very light and launches and exits pretty quickly and works somewhat well even without a mobile data plan. I dont intend to put ads in it and want users to just be done with it as fast as possible because tracking is so hard to keep up every single day (I have been using my own app for over a year and before used MFP for 2 years… I feel like such a masochist :slight_smile: )

Badgerme looks cool but the only problem I see with using it with calorie tracking is that I generally don’t want to have to remember what I ate longer than I need to. I am usually too busy to think back to breakfast and lunch unless it was a social occasion or something special. Tracking mood and exercise by phone would be pretty handy though.

I will make the free one available again today, but please upgrade if you find it useful because I don’t intend to do much maintenance on the old one.

Actually I have gone back to pretty much developing just the free one since there is still a lot of glitches to get out and new features to add (plus I have 150 active users of it that I don’t want to disappoint)

I added colored bars to my graphs for above and below average to better visualize slumps…

I am actually starting to have some success with this for my own diet and exercise. I calculated that my BMR is (very) roughly 1700 calories per day and I usually now eat about 1800 and burn about 400 to 500 through caregiving which I monitor with a cheap Fitbit clone. I’ve been cutting my “frown” foods and people are starting to remark that they now see a difference.

A qualitative thing which seemed to help is that I started taking a better quality brand name probiotic. I really did seem to be in a major plateau which I suspect was due to a bad microbiome. After I started the probiotic over Christmas a lot of my arthritic and allergy symptoms improved dramatically.

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Nice application. Like it a lot!:slight_smile: It helped a lot especially when i have had some health problems and could only stay searching for answers on online pharmacy reviews Now i feel great and enjoy the app so much.

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Nice! You should give a show&tell talk about it sometime.

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I have been looking for something similar to my own app for my wife’s iPhone 5s and just found out about this one:

I like it a lot although it seems to lack some of the shortcuts that mine has like immediate voice logging and autoexiting. It also doesn’t have much in the way of graphs.

The calorie lookup database is pretty cool though and the jokes are hilarious…

As for my own app, I seem to be slowly losing my obsessions with food and choosing less “frowny” bad foods, more “star” fruits and veggies and eating less calories and items overall even though my exercise has been a little reduced lately.

My weight hasn’t changed too much from about 210 to 208 lbs but a lot of people are telling me I look better (at least for a 49 year old who takes psychotropic medications)

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I second Steven’s motion that you give a show&tell talk about this some time.

Thanks!! Unfortunately I don’t do a lot of public speaking since I am rather self conscious (especially since I have a little bit of tardive dyskinesia from meds) but maybe I could throw together a YouTube video someday.

This is a really old demo I did (I will work on a new one soon since a lot has changed)

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Off topic, but there was a really interesting QS talk by Jasmin Sturr in which nicotine helped with dyskinesia from her meds:

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That was great!

I have to admit my problem though is not so much the TD but that I am lousy at public speaking lol.

I was a 2 pack a day smoker for about 5 years in order to control some of my symptoms but I was able to quit in 1999 and used nicotine lozenges for an additional 4 years. Unfortunately the anxiety I get from nicotine withdrawal wasn’t worth it so I quit the lozenges and my anxiety levels went way down although it took about a year to really adjust.

I am now experimenting with going totally gluten free and so far I have been doing exceptionally better after detoxing for a couple days. I have noticed that my calorie intake has been going down and I don’t get as hungry as quickly so I suspect my insulin and energy levels are improving.

(I am also very happy today I got a new Motorola G4 Play phone today ($50) to replace my klunky Samsung J3… My apps load super fast and smooth now and I don’t have to worry about trashing a $700 iPhone 7.)

Done with first week of gluten free…
Hopefully in a couple weeks I won’t have to hold my stomach in so much to get a good picture :slight_smile:

My weight still hasn’t dropped below 200 lbs but I am moving an average of about 7k+/-1k steps a day,.

I found this app has really helped me stay motivated to do dumbell sets and other chores:

I also attended my first TOPS meeting which was very inspirational and probably a lot cheaper than weight watchers:

…Plus this video was really helpful to me for feeling more positive about exercising…I now try to say confident ( even somewhat silly statements like “I am Chuck Norris Strong.” "I am Popeye Strong! lol) when I do my weight sets and find it much easier to work with less fatigue:

After having a nasty virus for a couple of weeks I am feeling much better and will be getting some routine bloodwork soon to see if I have improved on my numbers. I seem to be doing better on my diet by eating fewer items with more calories instead of trying to “graze” on low calorie items. I know from stats in my app that I eat an average of 13 non-zero calorie items a day but find I am managing my hunger by eating more high protein/low glycemic foods along with more veggies. I am also finding that I am slowly becoming accustomed to taking short naps for an energy boost during the day, especially after some nights when my sleep is only 5-6 hrs. I don’t quite get 10,000 steps every day but I seem to be getting about 7000 with an SD of about 1000 in May, whereas in April the SD was around 2000.

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Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile… I switched to Mfp for a bit but found I was gaining weight so I am back to using voCal again. We just found out we have to move to another apartment so I have been racking up steps (8 miles today for instance)

I will be updating the app hopefully within the next couple of weeks and will probably add a field to log food times. I also came up with some more optimizations.

My wife and I have been trying some other exercises in addition to walking including throwing around footballs, shooting basketballs and even chasing toy airplanes.

My weight doesn’t seem to want to go below 200lbs yet but my muscle tone is getting better. (Also, My dad just turned 94 last week so I am hoping i might have a couple methusaleh genes.)