Skulpt Aim

I purchased a Skulpt Aim after trying it out at QS 15 and I’ve been really happy with the device and the detail and quality of the data that I’m getting from it. This is the first time I’ve had a device where I’ve been able to easily take replicates and assess my measurement technique. A few blogs I’ve written on the topic are here-and more will be coming:



Thank for the fascinating and detailed posts!!

They were quite helpful to me especially as I wasn’t sure if I could trust the estimates.

I do have one question – does your skulpt run out of battery power after 4-5 measurements? Mine does and its quite frustrating. Just when I get rolling and get curious about other parts of my body than the quick scan areas it dies.

Curious if you have the same problem?


I don’t have that problem with mine, but I understand that has been a quality issue for them. You might try contacting them about a return. That would be very frustrating!

Hi Shannon!

Thanks for the feedback – yes its frustrating and when the battery gets low I think it tends to give bad readings :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I will contact them.