Sleep & Circadian Rhythms "Routine Building" Project

Hi all, this is Azure. I’m writing and testing out a module for stabilizing biological rhythms by building stable daily routines and am wondering if anyone would like to test it out with me.

I’m a biological rhythms & neuroendocrine researcher, and have learned a lot about zeitgebers (light, food, movement, socializing) in the lab – but I want to find out if stabilizing the timing of these cues in my day will actually make me feel better (I suspect yes), and “boost” the amplitude and stability of my temperature, cardiovascular, and sleep rhythms (Oura and iButton data, plus maybe a CGM).

I typically post/organize projects associated with tracking biological rhythms and participant-led research. This one is a little bit different because the folks over at Bioloop (a wearable agnostic, but mostly oura/garmin/fitbit-based early startup for streamlining data interpretation/coaching/sleep improvement) asked me to put something together, and so I’m making something that I’d like to use myself :slight_smile: . For the next couple of months I’ll be testing and refining it in their app, and posting some thoughts/updates here.

Disclosure they’re paying me to work on the module, but not for this extra self-tracking part. There’s no IRB, no publication what-have-you forthcoming, this is jinformal*. If this sounds like a fun project to you (it does have a new year’s ring to it) and you’d like to try it out let me know here!


Azure Grant

I’ll join you if I have the tools. Fitbit charge gives me heart rate (with usual caveats about data access).

Hi Azure - just joined this community but would be really interested in learning more and participating, if you’re still working on this?