Sleep physician seeking position collaborating on sleep/activity monitors

I am a physician who trained at Stanford and Harvard, and am board certified in sleep medicine and adult neurology.

Are you interested on collaborating on medical apps for smart devices, or medical devices like consumer actigraphs or fitness or health monitors?

Thank you.

Medical apps, or health/fitness apps?

Are you familiar with current services in this space?

If you have specific ideas, I’d love to talk…


I’m somewhat familiar w/current devices.

Yes, I have specific ideas. Are you available by phone? If so, would you please email me your number? Thanks.

Hi there - I would love to talk to both of you regarding this. I’m working on this:

Looks like an interesting project, but in a crowded space… Who is the team behind this project?

We’ve got a team based in SF Bay Area. Currently 4 of us, but looking to expand. The space is getting crowded, agreed, but no solution exists that does a really good job and is accurate.

Informative post

Which state are you based in? Shoot me an email at darwin - AT - winkhealth - DOT - com.

Check us out:

sure. How would you like to connect? My email is