Sleep quality

There are several sleep trackers out in the market. I assume they provide a reasonable reflection of your sleep quality.
Is there anyone of them that take some action in real time to improve sleep quality?
For instance, I think my poor sleep is related to dreams that stress me out. I was hoping, that there would be a way to achieve:

  1. I have bad/vivid dream
  2. My HR/breath reflect an anomaly
  3. My tracker/smartphone could start playing a relaxing melody that help me calm down.

I have only used the fitbit. I didnt quite know what to do with the data. Also I didnt want to spend $$$ on another tracker unless I know I can work something out

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I don’t know how familiar you are with coding, Fitbit and smartphones, but you could consider using IFTTT. It is open-source software to program “if X happens, do Y” and many options are readily available. If your idea is not made yet, you could program it yourself :thumbsup:

Fitbit only syncs data periodically, so won’t let you trigger any actions in “real time”, and (for most people) isn’t accurate enough to reliably detect whenever you wake up briefly.

There are some gadgets that try to detect when you are dreaming (with the goal of helping you have lucid dreams). That could be worth looking into, assuming they work as advertised…

Is IFTTT open source? I couldn’t find information on this.

Neither IFTTT nor Zapier are open source. There are some open source alternatives like Huginn.

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