Sleep Tracking Device - BodyEcho

Hi QS!

I’m from OxiRate - we’re a small group of folks in the SFBayArea working on the BodyEcho device, and currently running a Kickstarter. Would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this, and especially those who have previously experimented with the Zeo.

Are you tracking your sleep now? Is there something that works and doesn’t? Thanks!

Nice project! I’ve been looking for a replacement for the Zeo, and this seems as close to EEG as it gets.

A comparison table with the other sleep monitors would be interesting. Otherwise, #paradoxofchoice.

Totally! That’s a great idea. Indeed - we actually considered adding EEG to the device, but decided to out out at this stage as we didn’t find that it brought anything to the table. A three-lead EEG on the forehead is only useful in detecting REM, while we can do these things just as well via oximetry/hr.