Snoring analysis software?

Just thought I’d start a thread on snoring.

The other night, my wife woke me up and told me I was snoring. Strangely, I thought that I was awake. So I decided to research it.

I bought Snore Pro for my iPhone, and ran it one night, but it didn’t allow me to do much with the wave forms… for the price ($.99) it was a good deal, but I wanted to do more with it.

Then I tried doing a separate recording (Zoom H4N) and then process it with Audacity, a free sound analysis program…

still playing with it, wondering if anyone else has any experience with analyzing their snoring.

I’m also tracking with a Zeo and FitBit sensor on my wrist… so far, the two seem to agree very well as to number of times awakened.

This is a topic I’m very interested in at the moment. I know I’m snoring (as it sometimes wakes me up) and I want some way to quantify it before I try to reduce it.

I currently don’t even have a smartphone, but I’m considering getting an iPhone partly to be able to run that Pro Snore app. Maybe we can get the creator of the app to add some sort of data analysis of the sound, even something simple like counting the snores.

An iPod/iPhone app, Smart Alarm, collects possibly disruptive sounds while you sleep. The device rests on the mattress connected to the charger. There is xyz motion sensing monitoring and analysis. Total number of disruptions is integrated into the sleep phase analysis. You can listen to the sound disruptions collected during the night and the sound record is distributed in packets that go along with the phases identified as part of the activity monitoring.

While most of the possibly disruptive sounds were light snores from me, there were dog dream action noises, gas passes, and rarer cases of toilet flushing, thunder, and other night noises. I found the collected data made reflection on quality of sleep a good way to start the day. The wake up based upon optimal timing of cycles collected during the night and your desired window of need for awakening make sure you don’t carry the cloud that sometimes rolls in when dreams are interrupted.

Lots of extra information above the basic snort and snore count and easier review than a voice activated recording of the sleep period that I tried for a few nights sometime ago. The VA recording did make dream records very convenient.

Has anyone tried using Do I Snore? iPhone application? Allegedly, it records three of your “worst” snores, which might be useful for me since those are the ones that wake me up usually.

My Snoring solution