SOPA ad: hack?

Is this “STOP CENSORSHIP” popup some sort of iFrame hack? Maybe you should talk to your ad provider about exploits.

(I’m assuming someone didn’t intentionally make every page on the forum constantly pop up a large window)

Nope, I’ve added the frame to draw attention to the upcoming Internet censorship bill. When I tested it, it deposited a cookie so you only saw it once. Now I see that it shows up on every visit, so I’ve disabled it.

ah ok, great. i can confirm it’s fixed. thanks!

Dan, the STOP CENSORSHIP banner is still there for me every time I visit the site and I wondered if that’s correct?

It’s obviously a great and worthy cause, but I couldn’t tell from the above if it was actually supposed to just be a short sharp campaign.

Perhaps it’s not appearing for everyone though.

(I won’t take it personally if it’s just for me!)

Still see the Stop Censorship thingy whenever I log in. Have deleted cookies but it’s still there.

Is it just me?

Hi Jon, I’ve removed the banner. Thanks for the note!

Excellent Dan, thank you. That great black cloud has lifted!