Speech food diary and other useful apps

Hi! I started getting back into programming about a year ago and have been making simple apps for Android.

The most useful app I think I have made so far is my voCal Food Diary:


I formerly used myfitnesspal for a couple years, but it was getting too hard to put data in.

My app seems to be helping me lose weight and cut calories (see screenshots)

I decided I needed an app that would use voice recognition, listen, and exit

I have been using it every day for about 3 months and have only lost about 7 lbs (I take some meds that affect my metabolism though)

(I am sorry I hadn’t thought of posting to this board sooner…)

You might also want to check out my others apps: The CSV Histogram Viewer and CSV Plot might be handy.

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I don’t know why comment was deleted. anyways i am posting it again …the most useful app i find is outofmilk

you could also install this by sideloading apk


I generally just use Tasks for Android and Voice Grocery Shopping list for most of my to do lists…

I am still having pretty good luck with my app-- I am losing about 0.25 lbs per week with it still… I changed the graphs to using the free FLOT library which made things look nicer and much easier to program.

I also added the option of viewing my daily calorie distribution as a histogram… Doesn’t really tell me much but it’s fun to look at.

I also made a pretty simple app to help me manage my spending… Not sure if it will help me save money, but
it’s pretty fast and fun to use.