Spreadsheet lovers, I need your help to Quantify my Blood

I’ve read around the forums for a while, looking for somewhere to store my blood data. I couldn’t find any fancy-premium-AI-database that tickles me the right way. So I am going back to good old spreadsheets.

Does anyone have a template or tips on how to build one for scratch?

I would love to see yours if you keep one.

not a spreadseet, but I keep my records, including blood data, in a plain text file. I’ve build a command line tool to query and chart the data. You can take a look at GitHub - pacogomez/health-records: Plain text health records . Here is a sample records file: health-records/sample.phr at main · pacogomez/health-records · GitHub

A little late to the party here, but I have been attempting such a thing off and on for a while now, in Airtable… more than real success I have mostly encountered a multitude of “quirks” related to the fact that there is very little consistency in the test results I’m working with to begin with–they were done by different labs, to slightly varied standards, changing test interpretations, opaque and questionable presentation of past results in current EMR systems… anyway, I’ll be focusing a bit more on that project in the next few weeks; if I get anywhere useful, I’ll let you know.


Thank you @potato for being willing to share your results on this. It’s a problem that has come up in a number of QS talks. The little discrepancies between measurement systems (whether lab assays or wearables) can create a lot of doubt (legitimate doubt) that undermines a project. The most common “solution” is to stick with one measurement approach and specify a time frame, so that a finite # of measurements using the same system can be compared. This tends to fail for long term projects and those where access to measurement is complicated. Any solutions you find for yourself here will be very good to read about.

I’m using Ornament app for tracking my biomarkers.
I just upload my lab results into app and it automatically recognize values. All results can be exported into PDF. App have subscription service but its acceptable for me. Also it can be used for free with limitations.