Started an online log (public, anonymous) of my life @SlogMy

And I’m looking for feedback related to:

  • readability (are the diagrams and graphs clear?)
  • quantity of data (apart from the fact that I just started, because I had to start somewhere…)
  • display of data (per data category, am I displaying it in the clearest way?)
  • other

As long as it helps me make the log better, any feedback is welcome!

Inspiring dashboard :slight_smile:

What does it mean to do 2.5 sports during a day?

I’d like a link with what current stack is used for recording all this data. I guess it might be found in the blog posts, but a static current stack page is always good!

Thanks for the feedback!

Ha, I didn’t notice that it didn’t say “hours”. I’ll fix that asap.

The stack is really really simple. I’m planning on creating a post on Reddit about this (has been requested earlier) but it’s a good idea to also include it in the dashboard, will do that!


The ‘hours’ should now be clarified. I’ve also done this for a couple other stats. Next up is an overview of the current stack. I’ll probably do that tomorrow.

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I’ve now also added my stack to the SLOG. you can find it by pressing the big red “#QuantifiedSelf Stack” button on

Nice. Seems like a lot of manual work; I was expecting more of fitness trackers, connected API’s and apps like Nomie :slight_smile:

Btw the stack button is dead on my firefox 62.0 (yeah I know, I should upgrade), but works in my chrome… Perhaps the console error ReferenceError: dialogPolyfill is not defined has something to do with that.