Started working on a new Android 'sensor net' for quantified self biohacking

Hey guys.

I started working on new app for android to explore some of the new sensors that are coming out.

Android Wear is right around the corner… 60-90 days out. We already have the Basis, Fitbit, etc. Your phone already has a number of sensors. Even my bike has a sensor (cadence sensor via Ant+)…

I have a functional app that connects to my Alpha Mio heartrate watch:

You can read more about it here:

Right now I have it up at $1.99 but honestly I might make it free/open source. (My main goal was just to ask for donations to save big cats and donate to the world wildlife fund… but I might do that via an in-app prompt after 30 days).

So my general goal is to build a sensor network that is NOT vendor specific. And maybe even have a plugin system so anyone could plugin a system like sleep monitoring and get all the sensors via Ant+ or Bluetooth LE.

Also, some of these devices have a proprietary interface. The Fitbit One looks like it can be reverse engineered and I could probably do it in an afternoon.

Additionally, we’ve seen vendors VANISH or provide horrible service to customers. I’m looking at you Zeo!

Basis already has a user revolt going on in their forums for failing to provide an API after a year (and it seems like they provide poor customer service).

… my goals are better tracking of my sleep. I’d like to have a 24/7 sensor network operating around me to do things like automatically start runkeeper if it detects my cadence sensor working on my bike. Passively monitor my heart rate for anomalies while I sleep… Detect when I go to sleep and sleep quality by looking at my GPS position, accelerometer, heart rate, etc.

There are going to be a LOT more sensors (I hope).

I’d be down to collaborate with others if anyone else shares my goals! I just want this stuff to work because automatic tracking of my health has really improved my fitness and quality of life.

Very cool stuff! I share your interest and goals. Heart rate variability is supposed to have clinical significance, as is heart rate in general. Sleep sensing needs a good product, because of the demise of Zeo.