Startup measuring environmental exposures through a urine test

I am the co-founder of an early stage Y Combinator backed startup called Million Marker. We are building a service that allows people to measure the body burden of environmental chemicals. Our first product is a mail-in urine test for BPA and phthalates.

Why is this important?

  • BPA and phthalates are known endocrine disruptors. These chemicals are everywhere (plastics, personal care products, even in grocery store receipts). Exposure is associated with a number of health effects but the science is not clear on what safe levels are. Reducing exposure as much as possible is recommended for all.

We have a limited number of tests available at early bird pricing. P®eeorder today if you are curious to learn about your exposures.

What we are looking for

  1. Early bird pilot customers to help us refine the product :slight_smile:
  2. Ideas for QS-style intervention studies (measuring exposures before and after the intervention). I ran a few experiments on myself and will be sharing my exposure data shortly on this forum.
  3. General thoughts and feedback on the concept of a consumer facing exposure testing service as presented on our website

Thanks in advance!

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