Strange HRV/BP readings - Any ideas?

Hello all,

I’ve got some weird data the past week and I can’t figure out why it is the case. Figured I’d ask for any ideas.

I’ve pasted the numbers below that represent my weekly averages for the past few weeks.

The first 3 weeks are pretty representative of my numbers over the past few years. But as you can see, this week by blood pressure (measured daily) has shot up, my average heart rate (monitored by a HR sensor chest strap worn 6-10 hours a day) has shot up, my heart rate variability number (from the sweetwater app reading the chest strap) however has also shot up. Also my rMSSD (as measured by both the sweetwater app and the HRV Logger app) has shot up and my stress, as measured by the LF/HF ratio has plummeted (also captured by the sweetwater app and the HRV logger app).

So it seems my blood pressure and heart rate have gotten significantly worse, where my HRV numbers have gotten way better. What could cause that? I don’t have any major changes in my routine. I can’t seem to correlate this either to macronutrient/micronutrient intake, sleep, exercise data either. It’s weird.

                                   Systolic               Diastolic                 AVG HR (bpm)                AVG HRV            rMSSD              LF/HF 

4/17/2015-4/23/2015 132 82.28571429 74.01666667 32.33333333 2.05
4/24/2015-5/1/2015 129.25 81.625 73.79387755 77.7755102 1.026530612
5/2/2015-5/8/2015 130.625 81.95535714 73.90527211 68.5 41.39682313 2.587437642

5/9/2015-5/14/2015 137.3333333 84.16666667 102.5 83 83 88.94 0.76

What are the standard deviations for all the values?

If you only look at measurements that were taken during a short (~5min) interval at the same time each day (and while at rest), how big is the difference?