Sub-forums for local QS meetups?

I know there’s some great discussions going on at local QS meet-ups (shout out to London!) that could benefit the global community.

How about local sub-forums for each registered meet-up where content can be indexed for search?

The initial goal of the QS forum back when it launched in summer 2011 was to unify all the QS Meetup groups and provide a platform for people to discuss issues that transcend geography.

Issues specific to local QS meetups might be best discussed in the Messages section of the Meetup site, e.g. and (to be honest, I’m not clear what the distinction between those is).

The problem with Meetup, et al. is that information is often lost over time. With data across 5 platforms it makes it difficult to find. Plus, Meetup is not always the best location for all discussions.

I completely understand and support the wider mission statement; and why fix something that works? But I’m of the impression that local forums could create a centralised point for this fragmented information and inhibit new members to share within smaller communities.

I’d love to hear what other think on this subject. Are these forums actively promoted at Meetups?