Suggestion how to treat "Weight"

First: Thanks to all developers and to all who help in this project. I appreciate it a lot! :slight_smile: Thanks for all your work.

I like to suggest something for “Weight”.

Assuming you have that orginal XML data:

When you choose “Weight” and “Create Table” in QS you get “Health Data.csv”:

Start,Finish,Weight (kg)
23-Jul-2019 08:00,23-Jul-2019 09:00,77.9730072021484
23-Jul-2019 09:00,23-Jul-2019 10:00,0.0
23-Jul-2019 10:00,23-Jul-2019 11:00,0.0

I think it would be more useful, when you do not have a “Start” and “Finish” for “Weight” but just a “Date” with the Time:

Date,Weight (kg)
23-Jul-2019 08:07,77.9730072021484

When you use the function “Tabulate all samples” you get “Weight.csv”:

Start,Finish,Weight (kg)
23-Jul-2019 08:07,23-Jul-2019 08:07,171.901055571434

It seems like a bug, that the header shows “kg”, but the output is “lb”

May be you like my suggestion?

What else would be useful?

An option to choose XLS as format for an export, additionally to CSV.

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Hello! Is this a suggestion for the QS Access app?

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Hello! Yes, it is for that app (for iOS).