Suggestions / Applications to improve QS app?

I just released v1 of Tryo, a QS mobile app that enables the user to track any metric for which there is no sensor (think of tobacco, alcohol, being happy or bored, sneezing, etc…)
Once defined, events can be tracked (when & where) with a single click.
daily and weekly dashboards are available on mobile.
This is a low-tech solution but which can prove useful in many situations.
currently, only the iOS version is available, android version coming soon.
I am also working on a backend that will enable offer deeper analysis for user on web UI and activate machine learning techniques to get predictions.
I am looking for feedbacks on two topics :

  1. app is too generalist to catch the eye ?
    it allows the user to track anything, therefore it may not catch the eye of someone looking for a specific need
  2. how to use it for B2B ?
    if you have any idea, please feel free to let me know, open to partnership

Thanks in advance for your comments


I much prefer such general-purpose tracking apps over using a dozen different specialized apps: I’m currently using Trackthisforme on Android to track supplements and some other things; Nomie and KeepTrack are good options, too. But you’re right that it’s easier to market a specialized app.

In the B2B space, there’s mymee, which provides a way for clinicians to have their patients track things. Building white label apps for big brands could be another opportunity.

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