Suggestions for simple data viz tools?

i’m a relative newbie at tracking and would like to find a super easy way to see my data visually represented in various ways. anybody have super simple suggestions for plug-n-play data graphing tools?

How simple are you looking for? Google Spreadsheets has some pretty nice visualization/graphing features. I especially enjoy their visualization gadgets like the motion chart.

Hi! There are a few online data viz tools that I have checked out but haven’t used:
Many Eyes:

I generally use Excel’s charting features and for more elaborate projects, I use the charting engine in Adobe Illustrator and layer charts over each other. I’ll have to check out Google’s graphing features.

I recently used Dotspotting from Stamen design to record geographical information:


Keep it simple and real time, except for long term trends on more complex questions or issues. Sonification of HRV is my target. Got interested before cardiac ablation resolved atrial fibrillation and continue exploring with a simple Polar monitor and attachments based upon the Polar Heart Rate Module - RMCM01.

SuperCollider programming is still developing, but my real-time heart beat in my ears turned out to be a terrific feedback instrument. Never much for exercise groups or formal equipment, going with the flow of the tick of my heartbeat lets me explore movement in new ways. Walking down the street now has dance elements woven into the internal visualization of body and mind state. Bliss is remarkably easy to recognize and propagate - shifts in attention are markers for a drifting state that is absorbing on many levels. Having this tool allows for lots of tiny experiments with interesing results.

I’m a noob when it comes to data visualisation and never looked into it but realised I wanted an easy way to display my data for 2014.
I’m already exporting my Fitbit One activity and Jawbone UP sleep data to different spreadsheets and figured I should just use the visualisation features provided by Google Spreadsheets to have a very simple comparisation of my data.
I’d really like to have something like just with steps, sleep, and latest 4SQ Check-Ins.

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