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It was 2013. Downtown San Francisco. Broken window on passenger side of car. What’s missing? Arghhh, it’s my old Palm Pilot, nursed into continued existence in order to run Supermemo, and the thousands of flashcards I’d made for it. Goodbye, Supermemo.

But I miss it. And now that Supermemo 17 [corrected erronious version number] has been released, and Steven Jonas is doing such interesting projects, I’m ready to try it again.

This topic is for everybody who is using Supermemo (anybody?) to discuss anything related to spaced repetition, the latest release, and the challenges of using research phase software.

I’m looking for a cheap Windows tablet, as small and light as possible. It will only be used for Supermemo. Maybe this is it, Nextbook Flex 8’? It can be had for less than $100. Steven says Supermemo can be run off an SD card, so for desktop use on my Mac I can run it using using Windows/Bootcamp.

SuperMemo 17 has been released! It contains the biggest update to the SuperMemo algorithm that we’ve seen in a long time. The biggest difference is that when scheduling your flashcard, the algorithm takes into account the entire history of that card, rather than just basing the interval on the card’s difficulty level and other characteristics.

The other interesting thing that I’m still trying to figure out in the interface is being able to link ideas and concepts to one another. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. One of the benefits of spaced repetition is that it forces you to be more intentional on how you structure information and see connections between ideas. I’ve wanted to make those connections more explicit, but I haven’t found a good solution. I’ve been hoping for a mind-mapping extension to Evernote for this purpose, but haven’t seen anything that really works for this purpose. TheBrain is promising, but is difficult to get information into and connect to other services. Being able to do it directly in SuperMemo would solve that problem.

Also, I use to use Codeweavers’ Wine-based app Crossover to run SuperMemo while in OS X. But SuperMemo 17 does not seem to be compatible. Then again, I’m two versions behind on Crossover. I’ll update here if I find a fix.

I used TheBrain briefly but didn’t have the patience for the required workflows. I did order the Windows tablet, and should have it set up by next week to experiment with.

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My Nextbook Flexx9 arrived. Yikes, it’s been years since I “experienced” Windows software.

Mr Jonas, what’s my next step? I think you run Supermemo off a micro SD card, yes?