Support young athletes by simply taking a survey about self-tracking continuance! Every complete questionnaire helps to increase the donation!

For my research project on the usage of self-tracking devices at the university of Bayreuth in Germany, my co-researchers and I currently seek individuals, who possess and actively use wristbands or smartwatches. This survey serves to investigate which device-specific as well as social and behavioral factors lead to a continuous use of a self-tracking device or the discontinuance of such. :books:

Instead of giving away vouchers, we decided to spend money (our own) for a good cause. For every complete questionnaire, we will donate 1 Euro (1.10 US-Dollar) up to a limit of 300 Euro (330 US-Dollar) to the “Deutsche Sporthilfe” (German Sports Foundation), which supports young athletes starting a professional career. :runner::swimmer::bicyclist:

We appreciate your help! :slight_smile: