Survey on personal data tracking

This is Yasmeen alshehhi, I am from Oman and I am currently doing a PhD at Deakin University in Australia.
I have got approval from the university to conduct the survey about how much users are interested and satisfied with personal data visualization ( charts displayed to show progress ).
So, I wonder if you can help me by filling the survey Qs. Below is the survey link

Personal Data Visualization
Thanks in advance.

Hi Yasmeen, I started the survey but didn’t finish it. I think it is too long to attract many responses. This is a good place to get ideas and feedback about self-tracking research, but I don’t think your current approach will be effective. It would be better to read the forum for a while, identify topics/challenges/ideas related to data visualization as they come up in regular conversation, then then — once you have participated for a while — use a short survey to clarify/extend your insights. This is more time consuming but has the advantage that may actually work!

I got partway through the survey and gave up too. Part of the problem was the length but part of the problem was that a lot of the embedded assumptions were wrong for me - I use my Apple Watch and iPhone for data collection but I don’t like viewing data on my mobile device at all I would vastly prefer to export it and view in on a device that’s easier for me to use most of the time, and I don’t have the same preferences for all of my data so most of the questions didn’t make sense, also my disabilities alter my preferences a lot (the phone is not very accessible for me)… I ended up just wanting to throw my hands up and say “It’s too complicated” for all of the questions

Hello Agaricus,
Thanks for your feedback, and advice to go through the forum.