Survey request: Benefits and Drawbacks of self-tracking

It’s a one-page survey that asks a few questions about what you track and what you think about your experience.

Please contribute:

As @ejain pointed out in an earlier post, there are a lot of requests for QS’rs to answer surveys.

And yes, this is another, “please take my survey” request but I’ve built the survey to provide immediate feedback (some samples below). Full results will be published on (I’ll add a link to this thread). If there’s interest, I may an anonymized data set of results available for download.

There’s some programming on the back-end that calculates if you perceive more or less benefits and drawbacks to your self-tracking than other respondents. It will also show you current results and how your individual answers compare.

You’ll also have the option to get a personalized final report once the results are analyzed and published.

I’m hoping the survey can help people answer these questions, among others:

Should I expand or reduce my self-tracking?
Am I looking at my data too often?
How can I discover more insights from my data?
Should I reconsider my stance on sharing my data?
Should I worry less about gaps in my data or be more diligent about collecting?
Should I be more proactive with making changes based on my data? 

Some examples of the immediate feedback you’ll see:

Once again, here’s the link to the survey:

Extra thank you’s to anyone who can share the link with the people in their networks. It would mean a lot to me

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