Tablets and specific app(s) for multi-topic daily journal

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Is it possible to keep a kind of diary using a tablet (and thanks to some free application), but with a stylus and writing by hand?

I like to quantify my efforts from time to time; when I drive by hand, I have to think and count from time to time, it’s not easy to search xD.

If ther’s app it should be personal daily calendar, something to add supplement/medication/weight/blood pressure/glucose, something to report mood, maybe somekind of diet or/and training app. Yes, there are many apps dor each, but I’m looking for simplicty. Or maybe I wanna to much… You could also propose best app for each (or combined problems).

I came up with the idea that I would just fill in some sheet in the sheet application and I hope that handwriting recognition is at an advanced level now.

Although I’ve never written with a stylus. Are today’s tablets capable of typing while keeping your hand on the screen?

Doing it on a computer kills my productivity, on a smartphone I don’t like clicking #first world problems\

All in all, I’m looking for a tablet up to USD 100 that would serve me.


I think this is going to be a dead end. I’ve seen some proposed text-extraction tracking systems, but nothing like what you describe.

Ok, interesting.

On the other hand, I’m cynically thinking that QS is about bloating up…simple paper and pen journaling.

Maybe, I just didn’t state clearly myself in first post (it’s work in progess, gonna come here time to time).

It would be nice to track ideally in one app. EDIT: after thinking about I provide app which I used/will try for it:

  • task/simple journalling like old school paper personal calendar; in my dreams it would have another column for data from RescueTime/ActicityWatch to compare

    is there any smart way to generate reports based on events in Google/Proton Calendar? I used them pro-future (I observed that box time management works for some comitment like paid language courses, structured gym activities; haven’t found way to stick for more demanding and creative problems like work and free time), haven’t found way to use it pro-past.

on side note: it seems I wanna combine goal and time management in one app, ideally with some reality check based on some activity tracker (as I’m white collar with procrastination problem).

  • cells for simple numerical things like weight, blood pressure, glucose, medication, supplements → no idea, it would be nice to have in fitness app, but it’s normally in paid options…

  • diet → Chronometer/Fitatu (thanks to my country products database), Chronometer has paid feature for above point… is there any alternative?

  • fitness app → no idea, it would ideally have database of many exercises

  • mood (as it’s important for me) → tried some computer psychological apps… was disappointed

There have been scores of attempts to create a “one-app-to-rule-them-all” approach, but it turns out that reality has a surprising amount of detail.

If you want to get into some of the interesting issues/problems look at time stamps and sampling rate. Ideally all the data would “hang” off a single timeline, but integrating data from different sources tends to produce lots of glitches relating to time stamps alone.

Ok, nice nerdy article. I’m rather noobie in tech, so I’m looking for prepacked solutions.

can you name “one-app-to-rule-them-all” solutions?
can be time stamp solved by adding 5sec-5min (depends on the category) new data point?
like time tracking at X, health data points X+delay

Our app “Owaves: Wellness Day Planner” for iOS allows you to combine calendaring with activity tracking.

Apple Health is going to be your most user friendly one-app-to-rule-them-all solution. You get an Apple watch, which gives you pretty good biometric data, then you get any Apple apps you want to use for tracking that sync with Apple Health. Now you have most of what you want, and you can export your data. There are multiple journaling apps that sync with Apple Health. (For instance, Owaves, mentioned here, syncs with Apple Health.)

I’m Android user.

Hmm. Which cheapest/oldest (or with reasonable future support) ipad or iphone would support above apps?

Gonna try:

–mySymptoms Food Diary

will try to ask Fitatu community about some feature requests; pay for Cronometer pro

will report findings

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Have you tried the Live Learn Innovate Foundation’s app Best Life Health Diary? It’s completely free and encrypted, without risk of your data being resold since we are nonprofit and your data is a donor related asset (thus protected).

We are working to build that all-in-one and have all sorts of health metrics now, like BP, heart rate, RHR, weight, and glucose.

We have mood and stress ratings.

We have methods for tracking symptoms, exercise, nutrition, and medications.

We integrate with Google Fit, Fitbit, and Apple health.

We have a content tracking system and content imports for things like Web activity from Google and Netflix watch history.

Additionally, we have environmental data for people to overlay their Events on top of, helpful for symptom and habit tracking.

We also allow users to take notes and will be expanding that in order to “replace” note taking apps with this all-in-one super app model.

As a small nonprofit team, we move slowly to add more integrations and data capabilities, but that is supported the more users we have and the more users who choose to donate. Our near-term goals include a Walmart Wellness app data import (since they’re discontinuing the symptom tracking app tomorrow), importing nutrition and exercise type data from Fitbit, and creating recurring reminders for all Event types. Those recurring reminders will help with medication management.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one, definitely check us out and see if it fits the bill.

gonna give it a try; ok, i dont see web version :frowning:

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