Tangible tally counter app?

I am thinking about building a tool to count things. I have tried mobile applications that require you to pull out your phone and enter data but after a few months data entry fatigue sets in and I abandon the data collection effort.

Instead I would like to use tangible buttons to count things.

This is what I was envisioning:

A mobile app that lets you set up counters. Counters are incremented every time you click a button.

The Amazon IOT Button (Wifi only - developer version of the Amazon Dash Button) and the Flic (Bluetooth Low Energy) should be easy to integrate.

I am looking for a few early “customers” to help guide the development so that the work can be used by a broader group of people and not just me.

If there is something like this out there already I would love to know about that too.

I think this will interest you!

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Very interesting - Thomas actually mentions using a Flic to track hip pain in the video.

I definitely agree active tracking needs to be super easy and active tracking can be in many ways better than passive\automatic tracking for certain things.

Clicking around at http://www.tottilabs.com/ I don’t think they have a consumer facing product. I’ll try and reach out and see if they have plans for one.