TDCS and EEG in SF bay area

I’m interested in having an open source EEG device like this made and a simple TDCS device. Is there anyone out here in the bay area who has made one of either? If so, I’d be willing to make it worth your time within reason. I know about the (limited and overpriced) and this
latter of which I could diy, but would prefer someone with more electrical experience

Background: Have been doing self-experiments for the last 8 years mostly involving food, fitness, supplementation. Have done a couple bouts of recording all time spent with the IOS app “atimelogger”
Been meditating a few years and would like to add an EEG device to the setup. Would like a TDCS device to do some simple methodical 20 min a day stimulation. I understand the inherent risk, so I’m reaching out to the QS community hoping there’s someone with the technical know how to churn a couple out, please shout back here or PM. Thanks

This is an interesting proposal, I’ll pass it along, would love to see it happen.


Have you looked at the solutions offered at

You can also look at your local HackerSpace:

Let me know if this meets your needs.


BTW - I have the ability to do this for you, just not the time - I’ve passed the request along to friends who may be able to assist you!

Appreciate you both putting the word out! I used to go to techshop fairly frequently to do woodworking and thought about asking there, but noisebridge is an excellent idea and something I’ve been meaning to check. Will check the olimex link out in detail. Feel free to shout back if you come across anything or anyone else related too. Cheers, Dax