Teach Arduino from Beginner to Making a Quantified Monitor

Looking for someone in San Franciso, San Jose Bay area who has a quantified self background in Arduino, who can teach Arduino in an intensive couple 4- 6 week course - bootcamp, to take a newbie beginner to the point of being able to make a device for self-monitoring, such as stress, muscle tension, vital signs, respiration, etc. Topics of instruction include Arduino, Electronics, Feedback Mechanisms, Soldering, 3D Printing, etc. A plus if you can easily make difficult concepts easy to understand, have an instructional plan, and a background in making monitors, such as EMG sensors, vital sign monitors, and such. Possibilites during the course would include a tear down of an existing commercial fitness/bio-monitor, and working backwards to see how it was put together. Please describe how many weeks your course would be, how you are qualified, your game plan, what instructional text you would use, do you have a place to teach, and what you require for compensation.