Technology acceptance

Hey all,
I am currently studying at the University of Cambridge. My research investigates the acceptance of data preparation and analytics tools leveraging the power of machine learning (such as SAS Analytics Pro, Power BI, Watson Analytics, KNIME, Alteryx, RapidMiner etc.) at an individual level and I would love to get your opinion on this!
Please find the link to my survey below.

It’s only a couple of questions! I promise, it won’t take longer than 3-4 min :slight_smile:
Your support would be really appreciated! And maybe you get some self-learning/reflection points out of this and you are contributing to research on the topic of self-service data preparation and analytics tools and hence to their customer experience!
Have a nice day!
PS: I hope you don’t mind me posting this here. I don’t want to spam you - it’s just quite hard to get enough responses for my survey (as a lot of you who have done research might have experienced as well :slight_smile: )