Test out a new app for sleep improvement


A few months ago a neuroscientist with a focus on sleep approached me to help him make an app that leverages a new scientific finding: playing specific frequencies of sounds during deep sleep can enhance deep sleep. The app is just now available on the App Store! I’d be really happy to get some feedback from QSers.


We are going to conduct a formal study with it - so let me know also if you’d be interested in testing it out and verifying that it improves your sleep and alertness.

just shoot me an email and I will provide you with instructions:


Do you have more background information that you can post here?

Portland’s QS group is planning to do a meetup focused on sleep, might be worth checking out?

Hi Eric!

Basically, the app measures sleep similar to how sleep cycle does it - by placing the phone on your bed and measuring your body movement. Based on your sleep stage we play auditory stimulation sounds that prime, in particular, deep sleep. More information can be found at the website:


The app can also be used to measure sleep efficiency in general.

Here is info on the science behind it:

Last year, the scientists at the University of Tübingen in Germany discovered that playing particular sounds during deep sleep boosted the slow waves and strengthened memories: volunteers were better able to retain word associations they had learned the night before
(e.g., http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/sciencefair/2013/04/11/sleep-memories-sounds/2075009/). These findings were published in the Cell Press journal Neuron(http://www.cell.com/neuron/retrieve/pii/S0896627313002304). Quality of sleep depends on the amounts of deep sleep phase, which is the phase associated with high levels of the slow waves on the electroencephalogram.

Wow what a neat idea. Do the sounds wake up your bed partner? Does one have to wear ear buds to sleep?

Yea - it might not be the best if you have a partner… you’d have to wear ear buds.

If you need additional help with additional sensors (EEG, ECG, accelerometers) you can use or SenseView or contact me directly.

Best regards

Thanks! We don’t have much money right now so I don’t think we can use those tools.

I read my post twice but didn’t get a word MONEY :slight_smile: We are also a SMB and a startup, so for now we are just searching for cooperation. And SenseView is a free app…