The best way to track anxiety in real-time?

I’d like to monitor my anxiety in real-time, ideally with a fairly discrete device (i.e. it doesn’t make me look like a borg).

(I often don’t realize just how stressed-out I’m getting, so it would be great to quantify and monitor this before I get too overwhelmed).

I’ve tried wearing my Wahoo heart rate monitor around town, checking my heart rate suavely on my iPhone. But I’m unsure whether that really represents anxiety (vs. the fact that, say, I’m moving around).

What is the most reliable way of monitoring anxiety? Bonus points if the device is easily wearable.

I was searching for this a few hours ago. I do not have it worked out, but this is the thinking thus far:

Use the emwave (maybe the desktop version for the software) to get a baseline. Then using a heart rate variability watch to monitor during day/night? I was looking at the Polar watches.

On edit: Found on Polar’s forum (finding baselines and tracking )

I was also searching for this from long time. Thank for sharing this information…

I am very much interested to heard about emwave.Thanks for sharing!!