The Book List

I thought it would be fun to start a habit and behavior themed book list here on the fourms. I’ve been scouring the reading lists of individuals I admire that are working in the habit change field so why not share the mega list with all you awesome folks!

If one your favorite habit/behavior books isn’t on this list then then reply with the title/author and amazon link and I will append them to this “master” list. Also, if you’ve read any of these please share your thoughts, reviews, insights, favorite quotes, etc.

The Habit/Behavior Book List

Great list, Ernesto!

Nudge provides a great introduction to the growing field of behavioral economics. My only complaint is that Thaler and Sunstein rarely provide enough information to find the research they review. If there are studies mentioned in the book that interest any other quantifiers, let me know and I can probably send the paper your way.

I should mention that behavioral economics is still a relatively small field; accordingly, there is quite a bit of overlap between several of the above books (e.g., Nudge, Drive, How we Decide, and Predictably Irrational review many of the same studies).

A thought: Should we include other types of habit and behavior media? Gabe Zichermann has a great Google Tech talk on gamification.

Awesome list! Here are my contributions:

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Great initiative, please do not limit this to books, the TED talks and other videos are great too. Here are some links from me:

Here is the book for that:

Not sure if these two fit here:

Happiness Hypothesis- Jonathan Haidt
(well written book that is both well researched and stimulating without the empty calories of most ‘happy psychology’ books)

Incognito-David Eagleman
Fascinating read. This book rescently called into question much of my behavioral data.

The Compass of Pleasure: How Our Brains Make Fatty Foods, Orgasm, Exercise, Marijuana, Generosity, Vodka, Learning, and Gambling Feel So Good-David J Linden

Hits on many points dealing with behavior change and motivation. Compassion inducing as well

That is enough for now.

BJ Fogg is a psychologist out of standard that has created his own behavior change model, specializes in mobile persuasion, and has some really cool applicable techniques:

For those interested in developing persuasive technologies, I suggest taking a look at the examples contained within Mobile Persuasion: 20 Perspectives on the Future of Behavior Change - edited by BJ Fogg and Dean Eckles

I would recommend two books: