The communication behind self-tracking

Hey folks!

I’m a PhD student working under the National Science Foundation, and I am studying the communication that surrounds/supports personal data tracking. Thus far many participants in this study have reported this as a solitary practice, and explain that they have not found many people they can talk to about their tracking goals, habits, etc. beyond lurking around on reddit or occasionally posting a question to a large forum.

My question for you all is - do you guys have a group of people you consistently talk to about your tracking? Online forums are great, but we want to study how communication can support the advancement of tracking and automation through enduring communities of practice.

Even if it’s just you and a few friends who all track and talk about it, or if you attend (or used to attend, pre-COVID) self-tracker meetups or conferences. I’d love to hear about your experiences and why/why not you think communicating with others is central to helping you on your QS journey!

Hi Shelbey, welcome!

This is a good place to start. We have a weekly self-research chat that functions like a project support group. It has been meeting for about a year, and has been quite successful. It was started out of the Open Humans community, as you will see, and the participants are a mix of people from OH and QS. It’s typically 5-10 participants, and we share our self research projects and get advice and support. Feel free to join. The best way to understand the process is to start your own self-research project and see where it goes, then you can have first hand experience of whether this kind of group is useful or not:

LINK: Weekly Self-Research Chats

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Hi Gary,

Wow! This is fantastic, thank you so much for extending the offer to join you all, I absolutely will!

Looking forward to it,