The first results of my "Happiness Experiment" :)

Hi guys!

Just wanted to share with you the first results of my happiness tracking experiment, so you don’t repeat my mistakes!


Thanks for the heads-up! In my research field, we have moved away from broad questions of satisfaction for much the reason you identified-- evaluation of life in general. It is still a useful question over a longer term of months or years, though. For more immediate analyses, we tend to use more tightly targeted language, with phrasing like “at this moment,” and measuring narrower concepts like preference, acceptability, displacement, external intervention needed, stuff like that.

So, off-the-cuff example: “At this moment [location, circumstance, social surroundings], I am experiencing my preferred life” [Strongly disagree <----- Neutral -----> Strongly agree] OR Don’t know/not sure

I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog over the past few days. :slight_smile:

Hi! Thanks a lot, I am glad you like my blog. I just started testing the short version of the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire, hope, it will be more efficient at capturing happiness.

Could you tell more about your research? Do you have a blog?