The world's first smart dictophone for audio life recording

Hello from Vitarecord start-up company! My name is Vadim, I’m CEO & Founder in Our team want to provide humanity the ability to record and analyze one’s life. This will entail its shift to new historical development level, which differs in increased level of social equity and personal effectiveness of each person. It is obvious for us. And we develop Vitarecorder, it is a wearable gadget for continuous voice recording. We think that audio recording throughout the day opens up new capabilities for customers:
• Protect oneself against injustice;
• Prove one’s case;
• Remember any event;
• Quickly transmit information in the form of speech from the original source;
• Quickly re-listen what has been said;
• Listen to yourself from the side;
• Take a look at own life objectively;
• Develop a sense of responsibility for own words and deeds;
• Protect oneself against aggression;
• To dispose of the records of own life as an object of property.
Dear friends! I suggest a poll. What do you think about all it?
Possible answers:

  1. I want begin use it now;
  2. I think it’s good for somebody, but until I will not use;
  3. Useless thing;
  4. A new version.
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    Thank you!

Hi Vadim,

I think I would fall somewhere in category 2. I agree that being able to record what’s going on during your day can have a lot of uses, but I think ultimately it’s usefulness will depend on the software associated with it. Of the use cases you listed, the only one that really interests me on a daily basis would be looking at things objectively sometime in the future. Though it seems that something like that will be fairly time intensive without some sort of technical assistance.

Good luck with your project!

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Thank you!