These are the things I wish to track. What tools do you recommend?

I want to track things to see correlations. It’s not for measuring progress. It’s for experimenting and discovering causes for my symptoms and things I can improve.

I want to track these things:

In the morning:

  • Sleep quality
  • Meditation quality

After promodoro’s:

  • Enjoyment of activity
  • Focus

Throughout the day:

  • The foods I eat
  • The specific exercises and stretches I do
  • Symptoms
    • Any physical pain
    • Feel weird in chest
    • Feels weird in blood
    • Hard time digesting
    • Brain fog
  • Time spend on different things
    • Time spend relaxing
    • Time spend being social
    • Time spend in deep work
    • Time spend studying
    • Time spend eating
    • Time spend practicing guitar
    • Time spend - other

In the evening:

  • Stress?
  • Happiness?
  • How many meals I ate
  • Diet type
  • Location
  • Was I wearing glasses?
  • Did I use Minoxidil today?

It seems like there isn’t an aggregator for all of the above, so I’ll probably have to make my own solution somehow… Do you have any tools you would recommend for seeing correlations between all these things I want to track?

I’d use a neural network, specifically the one between your ears :grin:

If you are intentional about tracking all these things, you should develop a intuition for things that might have an impact. Your intuition will of course often be wrong (usually biased towards seeing patterns where there are none), so the next step then is to design a few experiments…

1 Like can do most of that stuff. If there’s something specific it can’t do for you, just DM me and I’ll see if I can tweak it for you.

Here’s how my day looks so far on
(sleep and activity come in automatically via Fitbit, photos through Google Photos. The rest is either manually entered or done by voice with Google Home)

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I can’t log specific foods. They only give me some examples to choose between:

Look up bitesnap and myfitnesspal on this forum.

@LNP you can use the Notes section to record the specific meal (for example, “Spaghetti and meatballs with Parmesan cheese and garlic toast”) and then in the “Types of foods” field, check off the various types of foods in the meal (pasta, red meat, cheese, bread).

It is used to generate this dashboard:

and other similar graphs that you can refer to over time such as

The idea is that instead of counting calories or macros, you now have the data to see how often and at which meals you eat certain types of foods so you can fine-tune your choices to meet your goals.

If you are using Google Home/ Google Assistant, you can just dictate the specific meal and EventLoggers will slot the relevant categories. For example, " I had spaghetti and meat balls with Parmesan cheese and garlic toast for dinner at 6pm" will create a “dinner” event, set the time to 6pm, add that exact phrase to the Notes field, and check off ‘pasta, red meat, cheese, bread’ in the “Types of Food” field.