This ring automatically measures calorie and nutrition intake

I think it looks interesting, just bought one. My Fitbit doesn’t track my calorie intake and nutrition intake, only calorie burn. What do you guys say?

Accurate nutrition tracking with bioimpedance in a ring? My impression is that these major claims are going to be hard realize in a consumer product.

This open access paper gives some good general analysis of advances in glucose measurement:

Page 63: “The first device in the market that uses this technique is Pendra Glucose Monitoring by Pendragon Medical in 2003, while Echo Therapeutics is the latest device that has been introduced to use this technique in 2011 [8, 26]. However, this device suffers serious inaccuracy limitations that could expose the user to potentially dangerous situations. The technique requires calibration and errors can occur due to variability, sweating and motion.”


See also the Healbe, which, by most accounts, isn’t accurate enough to be useful for much.

If someone figures out how to get this technology to work, they’ll be licensing it for billions to other companies, not scrounging for pocket change on Indiegogo :slight_smile: