Thryve - Gut MicroBiome Promotion

In case anyone else is interested, Thryve is doing a promotion for one month free (essentially one free microbiome test). Just use the code healthygut at check-out. The price should drop to $0.

Note: I am unsure if this is only for new users or not, since this will be my first test through them.

And Word of Warning: Even though it is free, you will need a credit card; and your subscription will auto-renew each month at full price if you don’t cancel it before then!


Thanks, Sarah! The code worked for me, but I am also new to the service.

Looks like international folks will need to pay $30 for shipping. I’ve never heard of Thryve before this, but the website looks clean and easy to use.

Hmmm. The healthygut code wasn’t recognised for me.

Yes, thank you Sarah! The code isn’t recognized for me either, perhaps @linrichard can extend it?

Hi All,

Richard here from Thryve. Unfortunately, our healthygut 100% off promotion was a limited time offer. We have new customer discounts at 50% off the first month if you are interested. Just use MICROBIOME50 at checkout to apply.


Do you plan on providing an interface to the raw OTUs?