Thync device: feedback?

I was listening to this week’s episode of ‘Note to Self’ and it featured the Thync device quite heavily.

I’ve looked on Amazon and elsewhere and it seems to be an early offering. Quite expensive. The device is $200 and the ‘strips’ (the manufacturer says they’re single-use) are $20 for a pack of 5. So like with something like Zeo, I’d wonder about buying one of these just on the basis of the fact that the strips will at some point stop being produced.

Anyway, so I was wondering whether anyone using this forum has used the Thync, what your thoughts/feedback are…


$4 per strip does seem a bit pricey, considering that the alternatives (taking a few deep breaths to reduce, or doing some pushups to stimulate sympathetic nervous system activity) cost exactly $0 per use :slight_smile: