Time Tracking - QS Input on a New App "Tagmento"

Hello All,

I am currently in the early phase of designing an app to help folks track their time. I would love to get some input from folks in the QS community like yourself. I have a survey located here to help me understand what are the issues and concerns people like yourself run into.

The idea of the app is to use the technology already on your phone such as GPS and your calendar, to guide you as you track your time throughout the day. Please take time to fill out the survey. I would love to hear your input.

Thank you for your time,
Leo Dion
May 2016 Survey

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Thanks! I submitted your survey. Happy to see your result :slight_smile:

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Thanks for submitting @justintimmer.

I’ll definitley be posting the results when they are ready. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to say informed.

I’ve just posted some information on what the plan is for the next few months.

Take a look and let me know what you think.