TODO: make the custom profile fields display on the Registration page

Bio, What you’re tracking etc. should be displayed on the registration page, because most users neglect to update their profile later. This is a bug in MyBB.


After facing some opposition from the MyBB developers, I contributed a patch for the issue.

Custom profile fields (What you’re tracking, Bio, Gender) are now displayed on the registration page.

I’ve also changed the “Username” field to mention “we encourage real names”.

Just read through some of these threads; oh, it brings back memories. Dan, I like the platform generally but thank goodness you are running it.

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In the new forum, we only have What are you tracking on the registration page:

User profiles also have a bio and location, which aren’t displayed by default when signing up, in order to reduce friction.

Do we want to ask users for other custom fields when they sign up?